Nexx XG100 Dragmaster Helmet - Green/Gold

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It may look like grandpa's helmet but they are not - X.G100 take retro-style motorcycle helmets a step further by blending 50s and 60s inspiration with cutting edge technology. The masterly designed interior is both stylish and simplistic and the pinnacle of the X.G100 comfort. The X-Mart dry technology brings a soft touch and a clever cooling system featuring a drying rate, twice as fast as normal cotton and gives extra insulation on colder days.


  • X-MATRIX Shell
  • X.MART DRY fabrics
  • Removable lining
  • Chin Wind stopper
  • Double-D ring buckle
  • PC Lexan Shield
  • Chin Ventilation
  • Ergo Padding System

Homologation: ECE/22-05, DOT FMVSS218 and NBR-7471:2001