Banjo Bolt With Crush Washers - Chrome - Short

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10mm x 1.25mm chrome plated steel banjo bolt with 2 copper crush washers. This is the standard sizing that fits on Honda's and many other Japanese motorcycles. These are handy because they are lightweight and they are only 24.8mm long.

The length makes them useful for mounting brake line fittings directly to the front brake caliper. If you want to replace the stock metal brake pipe on many of the Honda CB's, this is the banjo bolt to use at the caliper. We carry angled banjo fittings that are thick enough for that purpose, but some fittings are not, they must be at least 10mm thick.

This banjo bolt with washers is also available in black and stainless steel.


14mm Hex Head
Overall Length: 24.8mm

We also have stainless steel braided brake line available in various colors and lengths. And we have longer banjo bolts.