Cam Chain Tensioner - 14530-MG5-670 - Honda CB750/900/1000C/1100F

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Reproduction cam chain tensioner which was used on many of the Honda DOHC CB750 through 1100 models from 79 to 83. As your engine runs the cam chain is spinning all the time and it slowly wears all of the parts that guide it and put tension on it. If you're doing your top end and you plan to replace the cam chain and it's associated parts, it's a good idea. Check for wear of course, but sometimes it's good to go by the "while you're in there" approach.

The cam chain tensioner is on the front side of the engine. We also carry the guide that fits some of the models here.

Replaces Honda OEM Part Number: 14530-MG5-670 (Cam chain tensioner B)

Fits Honda:

CB750C Custom - 1980-1982
CB750F Super Sport - 1979-1982
CB750K Limitied Edition - 1979
CB750K - 1980-1982
CB750L Limited Edition - 1979
CB750SC Nighthawk - 1982-1983
CB900C Custom - 1980-1982
CB900F Super Sport - 1981-1982
CB1000C Custom - 1983
CB1100F Super Sport - 1983