Complete Cable Set - Honda CB500K Four - 1971-1973

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Complete control cable set for the Honda CB500K four from 1971 to 1973. Includes throttle, clutch, speedometer and tachometer cables. We put this cable set together to make finding parts a bit easier. Usually it is a good idea to replace all of the control cables if you recently purchased a vintage Honda. The riding experience can be vastly improved with fresh control cables, especially if your bike is still running the stock cables or old stiff cables. Always lubricate new cables prior to installation. We have cable lube and a lubricating tool to make the job even easier.

Cable Dimensions:

Throttle Pull: 38 7/8" total length - 35 5/16" inner housing - 3 1/2" free play
Throttle Push: 38 7/8" total length - 35 7/16" inner housing - 3 5/16" free play
Clutch Cable: 47 7/8" total length - 42 1/8" (not including threaded adjuster) - 3 5/8" slack (with adjuster threaded all the way in)
Speedometer Cable: 38" total length (housing plus inner cable)
Tachometer Cable: 27.5" total length

Replacement for Honda Part Number: 17910-300-040 (throttle pull), 17920-323-000 (throttle push), 22870-323-020 (clutch), 44830-390-000 (speedometer), 37260-449-840 (tachometer)

*Note: These cables are designed for use with the stock handlebars, please check the measurements listed above.

Fits Honda:

CB500K - 1971-1973