Delkevic 4into1 Stainless Steel Exhaust - Megaphone Muffler - Honda CB750F Super Sport '77-'78

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New Delkevic 4into1 stainless steel complete exhaust with a megaphone muffler for the Honda CB750F Super Sport '77-'78. One feature that sets this exhaust apart from others is the high quality welds. The stock exhaust collars and finned flanges are replaced with the parts included. The collars are welded to the down pipes, so there's no more fussing with the stock collars and flanges.

We also sell the headers without a muffler and we have a version of this exhaust with a straight muffler.

Exhaust System Features:

  • The Cafe Racer style stainless steel muffler features a removable cartridge baffle. The silencer can produce two different exhaust sounds: a street racer rasp fully assembled or an open pipe bark and performance to match with the cartridge fully removed! 14" long and weighing in at just over 2 lbs, this muffler is true to the minimalist and lightweight features of the period Café Racer.
  • Down pipes are manufactured from 304 austenitic stainless steel which offers truly exceptional value for money and superior corrosion resistance to that of ferritic stainless steel ensuring your bike continues to provide miles of service and pleasure.
  • The primary section of the exhaust, which is mandrel formed to ensure uniform cross section and dimensions ensuring a guaranteed fit and performance, uses high quality 1.5mm section 304 stainless steel tube.
  • Headers are highly polished and designed to give a tight smooth line from the head with curved lines beneath the engine to give easy access to the oil drain plug and removal of the filter housing without removing the exhaust.
  • All exhaust products are made in a purpose-designed factory where stringent quality control procedures are implemented to maintain high standards.
  • The outer diameter of the collector outlet is 63mm.
  • Stock center stand can be used.
  • Stock flanges can not be reused since there are brackets welded to the down pipes for the springs.
  • Delkevic offers a 12-Month Guarantee on all down pipes.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 down pipes
  • Collector
  • 4 Springs
  • 1 Spring Puller Tool
  • 4 Exhaust Gaskets
  • Bracket with stand stop rubber
  • Megaphone muffler (removable baffle)
  • T-Clamp - to attach muffler to collector

Installation Notes: 

  • Remove old exhaust gaskets and clean the exhaust ports.
  • Loosely fit new down pipes into the collector, match the numbers on the down pipes and the collector. Do NOT attach the springs.
  • Loosely fit the new down pipes to the cylinder head while supporting the collector. Do NOT tighten ANY of the fittings yet.
  • Attach all hardware, brackets and mounting clamps when applicable. Make sure there's adequate clearance for the center stand.
  • Attach springs, then tighten all hardware front to back.
  • Ride! Check all fasteners, springs and clamps periodically.
  • Installation of a new exhaust system system may change your motorcycle's fuel-to-air mixture requirements.
  • The spring puller tool included is fairly small. The process is easier with a longer tool, which we have available here.

Delkevic Part Number: COM270P

Fits Honda:

CB750F Super Sport - 1977-1978