EK Cam Chain - 25H x 98L - 14401-383-003 - Honda XL100 CB/CT/TL/XL125

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EK cam chain for the Honda models listed below. This is an endless type chain and it does not come with a master link. If you're rebuilding the top end and replacing any of the cam chain tensioner / slider/ guide parts, it's a good idea to replace the chain as well. It's cheap insurance so you know it's new, follow the "while you're in there" ethos.

25H (heavy duty) type chain - 98 links

EK Part Number - EK25H98L

Made in Japan.

Equivalent to Honda OEM part number: 14401-383-003

Fits Honda:

XL100 - 1976-1978
CB125S - 1976-1985
CT125A Trail 125 - 1977
TL125S Trials 125 - 1976
XL125 - 1976-1978
XL125S - 1979-1985