Electronic Ignition Kit - Dynatek - Kawasaki KZ900 Z1

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Dyna / Dynatek ignition kit with Magna coils for the Kawasaki KZ900 Z1. This is a great kit to replace the stock points and condensers and modernize the ignition system!

The Dyna S Ignition System is a complete self-contained electronic ignition system built with the latest state-of-the-art engineering. This is the same ignition used by top racers over the past 2 decades. The Dyna S is completely housed behind the ignition cover and uses a magnetic rotor with the original spark advancer, so the factory advance curve is maintained.

Comes with everything shown + instructions for the Dyna S and a one year manufacturer warranty on the Dyna ignition. Wires on the coils can be mounted on either terminal (no polarity + or - )

NOTE: If you have a '73 Z1 or an early '74 Z1A- you may need to supply a different crank rotor. Up through engine number Z1F-32817. Kawasaki installed a 5/40 degree mechanical advancer (normal fire mark is 5 degrees- then advancing to 40 degrees). Later models utilized a 20/40 advancer. If your bike has one of the earlier 5/40 advancers- if substitution is required contact Dynatek customer service before ordering the standard rotor (3 rotor- 20/40) included. Request a special rotor for these early bikes (3A rotor 5/40).)  As many advancers have been swapped from bike to bike, please visually inspect before ordering.

Installation Instructions Here

Kit Includes:

  • 2 Magna High Output Coils
  • 4 NGK Spark Plug Caps
  • Copper Core Spark Plug Wire
  • 1 Dyna S Electronic Ignition

Coil Specifications:

  • Primary Resistance = 5 ohms
  • Secondary Resistance = 17,500 ohms
  • Mounting Holes = 90mm or 102mm (measured center to center)
  • Mounting Posts = 13mm Width x 12mm Height
  • Includes Hardware, wiring and boots shown in the photo.

Fits Kawasaki:

Z1 900 - 1973-1975
KZ900 - A4 - 1976