Contact Breaker Assembly - Kawasaki KZ900 Z1 KZ1000 Z1R (CLOSEOUT)

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Reproduction contact breaker assembly for various 900cc - 1000cc Kawasaki's from the late 70's and early 80's. This is a great opportunity to start fresh and tune up the bike knowing everything is new! Of course after installing this you'll have to reset the ignition timing, but you knew that already. Don't forget to lube the cam.

Replacement for Kawasaki part: 21135-011

Fits Kawasaki:

KZ900 - 1976-1977
Z1 - 1973-1975
KZ1000 A1-A4 A2A A3A - 1977-1980
KZ1000 LTD B1-B4 - 1977-1980
Police 1000 - KZ1000 C1-C4 - 1978-1981
Z1R - KZ1000-D1 - 1978
Z1R - KZ1000-D3 - 1980