Engine Gasket Set - Kawasaki KZ550A/C/D GPz550 - 1980-1982

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Engine gasket set for the models listed. If you're doing an engine rebuild this is a great set to have on hand.

ISO 9001 100% Non-asbestos gaskets


Base gasket - x1
Head gasket - x1
Cylinder head cover gasket - x1
10mm O-Ring - x1
Oil line O-Ring - x2
Tensioner O-Ring - x1
Valve stem seals - x8
Exhaust pipe gaskets - x4 
Generator cover gasket - x1
Clutch cover gasket - x1
Oil pan gasket - x1
Breaker point cap gasket - x1
Clutch adjust cap gasket - x1
Transmission cover gasket - x1
Oil pump gasket - x1

Fits Kawasaki:

KZ550A1/A2/A3/C1/C2/C3/D1 - 1980-1982