Engine Oil Seal Kit - Honda CB750 - 1969-1976

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Honda CB750 engine oil seal set. These seals fit on the SOHC CB750's up to '76 as well as many of the other Honda's from the 70's. This kit is made up of high quality new seals produced in Taiwan. When it comes to rubber parts and seals it's generally better to install a brand new part instead of using a NOS part which has hardened due to age.

Make sure to press your seals in straight with a seal driver or a socket with a slightly smaller OD than the seal. Both surfaces must be free of dirt in order to form an oil tight seal.

Includes The Following Seals:

Clutch Arm Seal
Shift Shaft Seal
Crank Seal
Starting Clutch Gear Seal
Kickstart Oil Seal
Tach Drive Oil Seal
Countershaft Seal

We carry a different oil seal kit for the '77-'78 CB750 SOHC which contains the different size countershaft seal: 91205-405-005 - OIL SEAL (29.8X62X7) - Final Driven Shaft Seal

Fits Honda:

CB750K - 1969-1976
CB750F Super Sport - 1975-1976