Engine Rebuild Kit - Honda XR600R - 1988-2000

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Engine rebuild kit for the Honda XR600R from 1988-2000. Time to rebuild? If you're diving in and replacing engine gaskets and seals this is a great kit to have on hand! The piston rings are for the stock bore.

ISO 9001 100% Non-asbestos gaskets

Oil Seal Kit Includes:

Decompression Lever / Kickstart Seal (Not used on '88-'00 XR600R)
Pulser Seal
Gearshift Spindle Seal
Valve Lifters Seal - Quantity 2
Kick Idle Gear Seal
Countershaft Seal
Clutch Lever Seal
Kickstart Seal

Installation Tips:

  • Press your seals in straight with a seal driver or a socket with a slightly smaller OD than the seal. Both surfaces must be free of dirt to create an oil tight seal.
  • All sealing surfaces for gaskets must be clean and flat to make a proper seal, sometimes non-hardening sealant is necessary.
  • Be very careful when installing the cylinder over new rings, it's helpful to have the proper tool to keep the rings compressed as you lower the cylinder over the pistons. Try to use only plastic tipped tools to prevent from scratching aluminum surfaces.
  • The Letter stamped on the top two rings should be facing up when installing them and stagger the ring gaps according to the manual.

Piston Ring Order:

Top Compression Ring (silver outer rim)
Second Ring (black outer rim)
Bottom Rings (3 pieces - Spacer in the middle - 1 thin wiper ring on either side)

Fits Honda:

XR600R - 1988-2000