Front & Rear Turn Signal Set - Honda CB550K CB750K - 1975-1976

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Front and rear stock style replacement turn signal assembly for the 1975 to 1976 CB550K and CB750K motorcycles. The front turn signals have 2 wires because they originally were used as running lights and the rear turn signals have 1 wire. Rear turn signals were not used as running lights so they come with single filament bulbs. Includes the front and rear turn signal stems as well as the rear stoppers. The stoppers do not include the internal rubber collars.

This is the larger style Honda turn signal used from the mid 70's through the early 80's. It came stock on a number of different Honda motorcycles. Check to see what version came on your bike to be sure. Some models changed styles during their production and foreign models sometimes use the smaller style, which we also have available here.

Replaces Honda part numbers: 33400-461-679 (front turn signal), 33400-377-671 (front turn signal), 33600-377-671 (rear turn signal), 33604-374-670 (right rear stopper), 33609-374-670 (left rear stopper), 90154-374-670 (front stem), 33607-374-670 (rear stem)

Turn Signal Dimensions:

Wire Length = 16.5"
Overall Length = 124mm
Overall Depth = 63mm
Lens Diameter = 93mm

Front Stem Dimensions:

Stem Length: 72mm
Threaded Stud Length: 29.5mm
Total Length: 101.5mm
Stem Diameter: 22mm Threading Size: M12 (12mm x 1.25mm)

Rear Stem Dimensions:

Stem Length: 46mm
Stem Diameter: 22mm Total Length: 67mm

Fits Honda:

CB550K Four - 1975-1976
CB750K Four - 1975-1976