Front Wheel Dust Seal - 22X36X8 - Honda CB200/350/360/400/450/500/550/650/750/900 CBX GL500/1000/1100

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This dust seal goes in the front wheel on the models listed below. All these models used disc brakes.

This is a high quality new seal produced in Taiwan. When it comes to rubber parts and seals it's generally better to install a brand new part instead of using a NOS part which has hardened due to age.

A great way to isolate where an oil leak is coming from is to clean the area thoroughly, put some baby powder on the area you suspect it's coming from, then go for a 5-10 minute ride. Voila, the leaks location is revealed! Clean everything thoroughly and install the new seal with a deep socket with the same outer diameter as the seal or a seal driver. Make sure to push it in evenly. An oil tight engine puts the mind at ease and it keeps the engine lubricated!

*Sometimes a light coating of three-bond or hondabond is necessary to keep the seal from popping back out if you have a recurring problem. We have Hondabond available.

Replaces Honda Part Numbers: 91252-300-000, 91252-300-003
Dimensions: 22X36X8
Material: NBR (Nitrile)

Fits Honda:

CB200 - 1974
CB200T - 1975-1976
CB350F - 1972-1974
CB350G Super Sport - 1973
CB360G - 1974
CB360T - 1975-1976
CB400F Super Sport - 1975-1977
CB450K Super Sport - 1970-1974
CB500 Four - 1971-1973
CB500T Twin - 1975-1976
GL500 Silver Wing - 1981-1982
GL500I Silver Wing Interstate - 1981-1982
CB550F Super Sport - 1975-1977
CB550K - 1974-1978
CB650 - 1979-1982
CB650C Custom - 1980-1981
CB650SC Nighthawk - 1982
CB750A Hondamatic - 1976-1978
CB750C Custom - 1981-1982
CB750F Super Sport - 1975-1982
CB750K - 1969-1982
CB750L Limited Edition - 1979
CB900C Custom - 1980-1982
CB900F Super Sport - 1981-1982
CBX Super Sport - 1979-1982
GL1000 Gold Wing - 1975-1979
GL1000LTD Gold Wing Limited Edition - 1976
GL1100 Gold Wing - 1980-1982
GL1100A Gold Wing Aspencade - 1982
GL1100I Gold Wing Interstate - 1980-1982