Genuine Honda - Carburetor Gasket Set - 16010-346-305 - CB450K CL450K

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Genuine Honda carburetor gasket set for the Honda CB450 and CL450. Carb troubles?? It might be time to pull those carbs apart, clean out the jets and put in brand new genuine Honda gaskets!

Made in Japan. This kit is for 1 carburetor. Kits are sold individually. You'll need 2 sets for one bike.

Honda part number: 16010-346-305

Kit Includes:

Float bowl gasket
Float needle valve seat fiber washer
Float bowl drain screw o-ring 
2 Air mixture screw o-rings
Plug metal washer
Top Cover Gasket

Fits Honda:

CB450K - 1965-1974
CL450K Scrambler - 1968-1974