Genuine Honda - Plain Chrome Washer - 8mm - 90518-921-000

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Genuine Honda 8mm plain chrome washer. This washer was typically used on the upper pinch bolts on the triple clamp. There are usually 2 or 3 on each side, for a total of 4-6. It was also used on the 4 bolts that hold the handlebars in place. Bring back that shine! This is a great part for a nut and bolt restoration.

This washer was used on many of the 60's and 70's Honda's, such as the CB/CL160, CB175K, CB350K twin, CB450K, CB550K/F, CB750K/F. Please check your model to find out where it was used.

Inner Dimension: 8.7mm
Outer Dimension: 15.68mm
Thickness: 1.17mm

Sold individually. Made in Japan.

Honda Part Number: 90518-921-000