Gloss Black Superbike Handlebars 7/8" (CLOSEOUT)

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Gloss black superbike handlebars. 7/8" diameter. Made of sturdy seamless carbon steel tubing.


Width: 29
Center Width: 4 1/2"
Control Width: 8 1/2"
Inside Rise: 2 1/4"
End Rise: 3 1/4"
Pull Back: 3"

Here is how we measure the handlebars: (there are several methods, but this is the only method we follow. Understand how we measure the bars so you can choose the correct bar and avoid a return):
All measurements are taken from center to center. Not from the bottom of the bars to the top of the bars for example.

Width: overall width of the bars from the center of each end
Center Width: flat mounting area (actual bend to bend is wider)
Control Width: flat mounting area for controls (switches, lever perches)
Inside Rise: where the bars first start to bend back towards the rider
End Rise: measured from the very end of the handlebars
Pull Back: how far bars come back toward rider