Ignition Tune Up Kit - Kokusan - Honda CM91 CT90

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Ignition tune up kit for the Honda CM91 and CT90 with Kokusan ignition. Includes points and condenser. Built to meet or exceed OEM specifications. "Point bounce" or "float" is reduced with these points due to stiffer springs than most aftermarket points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This set is for Kokusan ignitions ONLY. They are NOT for Nippondenso or Hitachi Ignitions. Please check which type you have before ordering. Honda used different ignition systems on some of the same years of bikes.

Replaces Honda part numbers:

Condenser: 30250-052-000
Points: 30202-028-003

Fits Honda:

CM91 Honda 90 - 1966-1969
CT90 Trail 90 - 1966-1977