JIS Phillips Pan Head Carburetor Bolt Set - Honda CB650/750/900/1000/1100 - 1979-1983

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JIS Phillips pan head carburetor bolt set for the Honda models listed below. Includes bolts for the carburetor top covers and float bowls. Set includes 27 bolts.

Zinc coated Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) B1188-A bolts (machine screws) with captive lock washer.

NOTE: Does not include instructions. Match the included bolts to the ones you're replacing to find the correct locations. Do not over tighten carburetor bolts!

Fits Honda:

CB650 - 1981-1982
CB650C Custom - 1981
CB750C Custom - 1980-1982
CB750F Super Sport - 1979-1982
CB750K Four - 1979-1982
CB750SC Nighthawk - 1982-1983
CB900C Custom - 1980-1982
CB900F Super Sport - 1981-1982
CB1000C Custom - 1983
CB1100F Super Sport - 1983