Reproduction Stator w/ Regulator Rectifier - Lithium & Lead Acid - Honda GL1000/1100/1200 Gold Wing

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Reproduction stator coil and regulator / rectifier for the Honda GL1000, GL1100, and GL1200 Gold Wing This is a very cost-effective high quality replacement stator and the regulator /rectifier is designed to work with lead acid based, gel and lithium batteries. The battery must be fully charged and in perfect working order before installing a new regulator rectifier.

This unit has a very consistent output and runs cooler than the original part due to the modern heat sink. This feature is essential for the Gold Wing accessories. It is also made to handle the high output from the stator in the GL1200 fuel injected models so you can ride with confidence!

Tips for checking your stock stator:

Check the AC output of the stator
Check that the stator is not grounded
Replace any burned or corroded connectors on stator
Check and repair any melted wiring
Use hi-temp Dielectric grease on all connectors
Voltage set point: 14.5 - 14.8 volts DC

Regulator / Rectifier Specifications:

Dimensions: 82mm length x 95mm width x 30mm height
Mounting bolt spacing: 58mm - 83mm (Measured center to center)
Includes 2 mounting bolts: M6 x 25mm (1mm thread pitch)

Note: Corroded / loose / damaged wiring is a common cause for charging system issues, make sure all connections are clean and secure. If the stock connector is brittle or melted and the terminals are corroded, it's best to replace them before installing the new part. This unit might not mount where the stock part was, check dimensions above.

Replaces Honda part number: 31400-371-003, 31700-371-000, 31600-463-008, 31600-MG9-000, 31100‐371‐003, 31120‐371‐003, 31120‐371‐013, 31120‐463‐003, 31120‐MB9‐003, 31120‐MG9‐003, 31120‐MG9‐305, 31120‐MG9‐315, 31120‐MG9‐325, 31120‐MG9‐681, 31120‐ML8‐305, 31120‐ML8‐670, 31120‐ML8‐671, 31120‐ML8‐672, 31120‐ML8‐673

Fits Honda:

GL1000 Gold Wing - 1975-1979
GL1000LTD Gold Wing Limited Edition - 1976
GL1100 Gold Wing - 1980-1983
GL1100A Gold Wing Aspencade - 1982-1983
GL1100I Gold Wing Interstate - 1980-1983
GL1200 Gold Wing - 1984
GL1200A Gold Wing Aspencade - 1984-1987
GL1200I Gold Wing Interstate - 1984-1987