Set of 4 Silver Shorty Velocity Stacks - 54mm - Honda CB650/750/900/1000/1100

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Set of 4 silver 54mm shorty velocity stack for the late 70's early 80's Honda fours with CV carbs and many other models.  Check the fitment list below for details. Lightweight aluminum construction just like the original velocity stacks on vintage race bikes from the 60's. Has a concealed micro mesh screen filter backed with a larger mesh to keep it in place at the base of the velocity stack.

Includes 4 velocity stacks with mounting clamps.

NOTE: Velocity stacks let more air into the carburetors. You will need to install larger jets and or make other adjustments to the carburetors.

NOTE: Be sure to measure your carburetor prior to purchase. Also measure how much room you have between the carburetor and the frame or any side covers. Use the dimensions below to see if these will work on your bike. Just because the filters fit the carbs doesn't mean they'll fit in the bike without some obstruction.

NOTE: Velocity stacks are not CNC aluminum. They are stamped aluminum.


54mm ID where it mounts to the carburetors
46mm total length
68mm outer diameter

Fits Honda:

CB650 - 1981-1982
CB650 Custom - 1981
CB650SC Nighthawk - 1982
GL650I Silver Wing Interstate - 1983
CB750C Custom - 1980-1982
CB750F Super Sport - 1979-1982
CB750K - 1979-1982
CB750K Limited Edition - 1979
CB750SC Nighthawk - 1982-1983
CB900C Custom - 1980-1982
CB900F Super Sport - 1981-1982
CB1000C Custom - 1983
CBX Super Sport - 1979-1982
CB1100F Super Sport - 1983

Fits Kawasaki:

1982-1985 GPZ750
1981-1983 KZ1000J
1981-1982 KZ1000K LTD
1981-1982 KZ1000M CSR
1982-1999 KZ1000P POLICE
1982-1983 KZ1000R
1981-1983 KZ1100A
1981-1982 KZ1100B GPZ
1982-1983 KZ1100D SPECTRE
1983 KZ1100L LTD
1980-1982 KZ750E
1980 KZ750F LTD
1980-1983 KZ750H LTD
1983 KZ750L
1982-1983 KZ750N SPECTRE
1984-1985 ZN1100B LTD
1983-1985 ZX750

Fits Suzuki:

1985-1986  GS700
1985 GS750E,
1980-1985  GS750
1983 GS750E
1983 GS750ES
1979-1983 GS850G
1980-1983 GS850GL
1983-1986 GS1150E
1983 GS1100S
1980 GS1100L
1982-1984 GS1100GK
1982-1983 GS1100G
1980-1983 GS1100E
1980-1982 GS1000S
1980-1981 GS1000GL
1980-1981 GS1000G

Fits Yamaha:

1978-1983 XS1100
1995-1999 XJR1200
2000 XJR1300

NOTE: Fits other model bikes as well. Check your carburetor flange diameter before purchase.

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    Very cheap, don't fit

    Posted by Charlie on 9th Feb 2018

    If these are your only options they may work in a pinch, but don't expect much. They're thin stamped steel with burrs all over the place. Sand those off for the sake of your hands. The connection flare isn't offset wide enough from the neck of the venturi. I had to bend mine out, hammer them on a spare carb body, and re-flatten them against the actual part. Screens don't stay put now. They seem to get laminar enough flow to still work CV carbs, though it still remains to be seen if I can dial the carbs in with these on.