Speedometer - Honda CB550 CB750 GL1000 - KMH

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KMH speedometer for Honda CB550, CB750 and early GL1000 models. It's a beautiful thing to see a clear, unfaded, smoothly operating speedometer in front of you as you zip along. If you're doing a restoration and you want to start fresh with 0 kilometers, this is a great option. There are so many small parts and gears in these speedometers, sometimes it makes more sense to pick up a reproduction rather than tracking down donor speedos to piece together one working one. Just bolt it on, plug it in, and off you go.

Take a good look at the photos, the stock speedometers had different colored backgrounds, if you're trying to match this to your stock tachometer it is likely it will be slightly different especially if your tachometer has faded over time. Also, measure your current speedometer mounting holes to be sure this will fit your bike. Some stock KMH speedometers only went up to 200 KMH. This speedometer goes up to 240 KMH.

Get a matching tachometer here. Note: The tachometer does not work on the CB550 only the CB750 since it is a 4:1 ratio not a 7:1 ratio.

There are two wires (green / brown) 13" long, with male bullet connectors.
Distance between between the two mounting bolts: 44.5mm (1.75")
Overall outer dimension: 117.8mm (4.64")

Note: The knob on the speedometer is reverse threaded, if you suspect there's a lot of vibration or very infrequent use of the trip reset knob we recommend removing it and putting some threadlock on it.

Similar to Honda part numbers: 37230-341-621, 37200-392-621, 37200-405-681, 37200-405-781, 37200-390-682

Fits Honda:

CB550F Super Sport - 1975-1977
CB550K Four - 1974-1978
CB750F Super Sport - 1975-1978
CB750K Four - 1973-1978
GL1000 Gold Wing - 1975-1976
GL1000LTD Gold Wing Limited - 1976