Stainless Steel Allen Bolt Set - Honda CB400A CM400A CM450A Hondamatic - 1978-1983

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Stainless steel Allen bolt set for the Honda CB400A & CM400A CM450A Hondamatic models from 1978-1983. Replace the stock bolts with stronger, anti-corrosive Allen bolts. Includes bolts for the lower engine side covers. Set includes 28 bolts and 2 Allen wrenches.

NOTE: Does not include instructions. Match the included bolts to the ones you're replacing to find the correct locations. Some Allen bolts are not the exact length of the stock bolts. They are the closest available size that fits.

NOTE: Coat the threading with anti-seize before installation to prevent fusing.

Fits Honda:

CB400A Hawk Hondamatic - 1978
CM400A Hondamatic - 1979-1981
CM450A Hondamatic - 1982-1983