TTR400 Anodized Aluminum Honda Steering Stem Nut - Silver - Breather Hole

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Silver anodized steering stem nut or top yoke nut with breather hole. If you have a custom gas tank that has a breather tube, this part will come in handy. CNC machined to fit many of the vintage Honda CB's as well as many other bikes. This is a great looking part that sits in plain view as you ride, replace that rusty pitted steering nut with this sleek looking anodized part! After replacing the bearings and seals this is a great part to top it all off!

Replaces Honda OEM Parts: 90304-415-000, 95020-11300, 90304-323-670

TTR400 Part Number: 400-006

Fits Honda:

CB350F 1972-1974
CB350G 1973
CB350K 1968-1973
CL350 1968-1973
SL350 1969-1973
CB360T 1975-1976
CL360K 1974-1975
CJ360T 1976-1977
CB400A 1978
CB400F 1975-1977
CB400T 1978-1981
CM400A 1979-1981
CM400C 1981
CM400E 1980-1981
CM400T 1979-1981
CB450K 1970-1974
CB450T 1982
CL450K 1968-1974
CB500K 1971-1973
CB500T 1975-1976
CB550F 1975-1977
CB550K 1974-1978
CB750A 1977-1978
CB750F 1975-1982
CB750K 1969-1978

And others. . . .