Ultimate Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Honda CB160 CL160 - 1965-1969

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Ultimate carburetor rebuild kit for the Honda CB160 & CL160. This is the most complete kits available for the 160's! The carb kits come with the early JIS thread pitch #92 main jet which is not available in any other kit on the market. JIS thread pitch was used in '67 and earlier models. This set has the correct stock jet sizes for both carburetor models used on the CB/CL160's.

These carb kits have shaped float bowl gasket made of high quality Viton rubber so they will not swell after coming in contact with fuel. Viton is the best rubber available for carburetor rebuild kits.

Includes 2 floats with pins, and 2 carburetor rebuild kits. Made in Taiwan.

Each Carburetor Kit Includes:

Float bowl gasket (Viton)
Top cover gasket (Viton)
D7 slide needle and e-clip
1.7 float needle, seat & metal washer
Spring seat
#92 round main jet JIS thread pitch
#98 round main jet ISO thread pitch
#38 slow jet
#35 slow jet
Air screw and spring
Throttle slide screw and spring
Rubber o-ring
Drain plug & metal washer

Fits Honda:

CB160 Sport - 1965-1969
CL160 Scrambler - 1966-1968