Ultimate Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Honda CB350F - 1972-1974

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Ultimate carburetor repair kit for the Honda CB350F Four. Once the carburetor bodies are clean, this is a great kit to start fresh. Fire up that 350F after a long slumber and get back on the road!

Kits includes shaped float bowl gaskets made from Viton so they won't swell when in contact with gasoline. Also includes the emulsion tubes and o-rings for the connector tube between the carburetor bodies.

Includes 4 floats with pins, and 4 carburetor repair kits.

Each Carburetor Kit Includes:

1.8 Needle Valve & Seat
D22 Needle & e Clip
Air Adjustment Screw & Spring
Main Jet #75
Slow Jet #35
Top Cover Gasket
Shaped Float Bowl Gasket
Emulsion Tube

Fits Honda:

CB350F Four - 1972-1974

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    Ultimate Carb Rebuild Kit, CB350F

    Posted by Mark Whitebook on 8th Mar 2023

    Other reviewers have noted these issues, so they should not be a surprise; I bought the kit particularly for the float valve seats, float needles, and floats. The brass float valve bodies do not match the OEM Honda parts; they are too long by about half a millimeter. Thus, the float needles are too "high" (with carbs inverted on the bench) and floats can't be adjusted to the proper level without running out of bendable "tang." After an hour of screwing around with these, I ended up putting all of my original parts back into the carbs, using just the new floats. As noted by another customer, these floats also seem not buoyant as the originals, and won't shut off fuel flow properly at the factory 21mm float setting level. I would not even begin to consider using the needles or needle jets from the kit; any supplier that can't get a float valve seat accurate to 0.020" certainly can't be trusted to get a needle accurate to 1/10,000", as it needs to be. A huge waste of money and time. I wish resellers like 4 into 1 would actually be mechanics and enthusiasts, and try this crap for themselves before offering it for sale to the public...but that's not the world we live in. It will be a long while before I do business with them again.

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    Floats and float valves lacking

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2017

    Unlike everything else I've purchased on 4into1, this kit has some issues. The floats and float valves are low quality. On this bike the float valve needles don't have a rubber tip, so the machining has to be very precise to prevent leaking. These are not to that level of quality, so there is always a slow leak which can cause flooding in stop and go traffic. Also, the floats did not all have the same buoyancy, they do not have the same amount of pressure closing the float valve. Jets were fine for me and I did manage to get these to be fairly usable, but I always had flooding and leaking. I eventually switched to Honda floats and float valves and all is good. Way too much time and headaches spent on what should be a very simple job.

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    Not quite good enough

    Posted by Donovan on 3rd Jul 2017

    The jets are all the right size and are good quality however the needle and seat valves are sub par. I had to put an old needed back in after trying several times to get a carb to quit leaking. Once I put the old one in the leak stopped (However, now another one is weeping). Also, the carb bowl O-Rings are slightly too small so you have to stretch them out to keep them in the groove. I think I am just going to buy genuine OEM needle valves.

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    Amazing kit, but one thing it lacks

    Posted by Ryan Mulle on 5th Mar 2016

    I bought this kit and it has everything I needed to resurrect my old carbs. However, it did not come with instructions which would have been a big help seeing as this bike has main jets that don't screw it, they just plug in. Also few parts I wasn't sure where they went, I am new at this so even a diagram would have helped me. All in all, good kit, but lacks any instructions.