Ultimate Carburetor Rebuild Kit - Honda CB400T Hawk - 1978-1979

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Ultimate carburetor rebuild kit for the Honda CB400T Hawk from 1978-1979. Comes with everything shown. Once the carburetor bodies are clean, this is a great kit to start fresh. Fire up that hawk after a long slumber and get back on the road!

  • Float x2
  • Carburetor Rebuild Kit x2
  • Air Cut Off Valve With Springs and o-ring x2 (the tapered spring is not used)
  • Float Bowl Drain Screw x2

Carburetor Kit Includes:

Float bowl gasket
D433 slide needle
Needle Jet
Passage plugs x2
Float needle
#75 primary jet
#110 secondary jet
Air screw and spring
Additional parts, o-rings & washers shown

We also have oil.

Fits Honda:

CB400TI Hawk I - 1978-1979
CB400TII Hawk II - 1978-1979