Ultimate Front Brake Kit - Honda CB450K 70-71 CB750K 69-72

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This is the Ultimate brake kit if you want to look stock but have brand new parts! We all know the headaches that can result from rebuilding the stock master cylinder and caliper. It's great for about 5 minutes, then the pad starts rubbing the disc, glazing over your freshly turned rotor. The master cylinder feels spongy and the bleeder valve is on it's last legs....back to rebuilding parts again. Or....replace everything and start fresh!

We also carry a performance version of this kit with stainless steel lines and a drilled rotor.

Kit Contains:

Upper Brake Hose
Lower Brake Hose
Brake Pipe
Chrome banjo bolt
Copper crush washers
Master Cylinder Boot
Master Cylinder
Caliper Assembly
Stainless Steel Brake Rotor
Caliper Screw Set

Replaces Honda Part Numbers: 45126-300-003 (upper), 45125-300-003, 45125-390-003 (lower), 45128-300-010 (brake pipe), 45120-341-000 (rotor), 45100-341-003 (caliper assembly), 45522-300-010 (master cylinder boot), 45117-341-700 (caliper screw)

Fits Honda:

CB450K Super Sport - 1970-1971
CB750K Four - 1969-1972