Vesrah Clutch Friction Plate Set - VC-145 - Honda CB750F CB750K

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Vesrah clutch plate set for Honda CB750. This set comes with 7 clutch plates, so you can use it for any of the bikes on the list. 6 of the discs are the same and 1 is different. The 1 that's different has metal posts that are 16mm wide instead of 13.7 like the other 6, it is also much heavier than the other discs.

Be sure to check your steel plates for any warping before installing new friction discs. Generally it is a good idea to fully submerge the friction discs in oil for several hours prior to installation. 

  • 100% Asbestos free
  • Non-swelling, non-fading, high density, high friction material
  • Made in Japan, high quality OEM replacement
  • Cork Material
  • Contains 7 Friction Plates
  • Does not include steel plates

Vesrah Part Number: VC-145    

Fits Honda:

CB750F Supersport - 1975-1978 - 6 pieces required
CB750K - 1976-1978 - 7 pieces required
CB750P Police - 1976-1978 - 6 pieces required