Deluxe Carburetor Rebuild Kit With Floats - Honda CB650 - 1979-1980

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Deluxe carburetor rebuild kit with floats for the Honda CB650 from 1979-1980. Get that bike back on the road with freshly rebuilt carbs! This kit comes with float bowl gaskets made of high quality Viton rubber so they will not swell after coming in contact with fuel.

Includes 4 carburetor kits and 4 floats with pins.

Note: This kit is for non CV carburetors. Mechanical carburetors came stock on the 79-80 CB650's. This kit fits carburetor models PD51A and PD50B.
Note: Always check the float height after installing new needles.

Each Carburetor Kit Includes:

Slide needle
Retainer clip
Float needle valve
Needle jet
#92 Main Jet (1980 models PD50B carbs)
#95 Main Jet (1979 model PD51A carbs)
#35 Slow Jet
Mixture screw with spring & washer
Float bowl gasket
Top cover gasket

Fits Honda:

CB650 - 1979-1980
CB650C Custom - 1980