Deluxe Carburetor Rebuild Kit With Floats - Honda CX500 - 1980-1982

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Deluxe carburetor rebuild kit with floats for the Honda CX500 from 1980-1981. This is a great kit, whether a CX500 has been sitting for years or it's time for a complete tune up. No other carburetor kits come with floats! Check the float level after installing all the parts, set it to the stock height of 15.5mm.

Includes 2 floats & pins, and 2 carburetor rebuild kits.

Each Carburetor Kit Includes:

Float bowl gasket
D322 slide needle
Float needle
#115 main jet
#78 main jet
Air screw and spring
Additional parts, o-rings & washers shown
Rubber passage plug

Fits Honda:

CX500C Custom - 1980-1982
CX500D Deluxe - 1980-1981