Emgo Sintered Front Brake Pads - Honda CB/CM400 CB650/750

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Emgo Sintered Metal brake pads for the Honda models listed below.

Emgo replacement disc brake pads meet or exceed manufacturers specifications. Replacement pads are available in two types, Sintered and Full Metal. Sintered Metal is a high performance brake pad material designed from a highly refined composition of metallic powder pressed into a preform mold. Emgo Full Metal pads are made of additional metallic compounds for higher friction and durability.

Emgo part number: 91-51804

Equivalent to Honda part numbers: 45012-413-305, 45105-413-003, 45105-MA5-305, 45105-425-003, 45105-425-006, 45105-MA5-671, 45105-471-006

Fits Honda:

CB400T Hawk - 1980-1981
CB400TII Hawk II - 1978-1979
CM400A Hondamatic - 1979-1981
CM400T - 1979-1981
CB650 - 1979-1981
CB650C Custom - 1980-1981
CB750K - 1979-1981
CB750L LTD - 1979