Emgo Sintered Front Brake Pads - Honda CB/CM450 CB650 CB750 - 1982

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Emgo Sintered Metal front brake pads for the 1982 Honda 450, 650 & 750 models listed below.

Emgo replacement disc brake pads meet or exceed manufacturers specifications. Replacement pads are available in two types, Sintered and Full Metal. Sintered Metal is a high performance brake pad material designed from a highly refined composition of metallic powder pressed into a preform mold. Emgo Full Metal pads are made of additional metallic compounds for higher friction and durability.

Emgo part number: 91-51823

Equivalent to Honda part numbers: 45105-MC9-305, 45105-MA5-771

Fits Honda:

CB450SC Nighthawk - 1982 - Front
CB450T Hawk - 1982 - Front
CM450A Hondamatic - 1982 - Front (Use from Frame SN CM001212)
CM450C Custom - 1982 - Front (Use from Frame SN CM001212)
CB650 - 1982 - Front (Use from Frame SN CM301878)
CB650SC Nighthawk - 1982 - Front
CB750C Custom - 1982 - Front (Use from Frame SN CM204182)
CB750K - 1982 - Front (Use from Frame SN CM301522)