Handlebar Switch Assemblies - Left & Right - Kawasaki KH250/400 Mach I/II S1/S2/S3

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Set of reproduction left & right handlebar switch assemblies for the Kawasaki KH250/400 and Mach I/II 250-400cc models. It's common for the stock switches to wear and corrode from decades of use. Sometimes the stock wires become brittle and break easily, so pick up some new switches and get back on the road!

If you are running aftermarket handlebars check to make sure the wire harness is long enough. Both switches are designed to have the wires run outside the handlebars.

  • Right Switch Wire harness overall length = 24"
  • Left Switch Wire harness overall length = 23"
  • Right Switch Wire colors: 1 plastic terminal connector, blue/white line, black/yellow line, black/white line, brown, 1 female bullet terminal brown/white line
  • Left Switch Wire colors: 1 plastic terminal connector, green, orange, black, grey, 4 male bullet terminals, brown, blue, red/yellow line, red/black line
  • Integrated choke lever which accepts the stock cable

Replaces Kawasaki Part Numbers: 46132-025, 46132-007, 46091-047

Note: Some models used different turn signals during their production, check photo and wiring info above.

Fits Kawasaki:

KH250 - 1976
Mach I - S1 A/B - 1972-1974
Mach II - S2 - 1972-1973
KH400 A3/A4/A5 - 1975-1978
Mach II - S3 - 1974-1975