High Output Charging Stator and Regulator / Rectifier - Lithium - Honda CB/CL/SL350 CB/CL360

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High output charging kit includes a stator and lithium capable regulator / rectifier for the 350 and 360 twins. Please review the installation instructions here.

  • Puts out 25% more power than the stock system and will support a 55W headlight
  • Also supplies constant power to the bikes battery
  • Unlike the stock set-up, the bike will charge with or without the headlights being on because of the higher voltage produced by the new system
  • R/R works with all battery types: Lead acid / AGM / lithium
  • Lithium battery compatibility: Contact the battery manufacturer to see if it needs more than 14.4DCV. If it does, this product is not compatible.
  • Includes terminals: 4 male spade terminals, 1 male plastic locking terminal, 1 ground wire with terminals attached

Replaces Honda stator: 31102-286-014

Fits Honda:

CB350G Super Sport 1973
CB350K Super Sport 1968-1973
CL350 Scrambler 1968-1973
SL350K Motosport - 1969-1970
CB360G 1974
CB360K 1974
CB360T 1975-1976
CL360 Scrambler 1974-1975