Reproduction Honda Front Left & Right Turn Signal Set - CB350K CB500K CB550K CB750K

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Front left and right stock style replacement turn signal assembly for the Honda models listed. These are the 2 wire, dual filament bulb version for the front. Comes with 12V 23W bulb installed.

This is the smaller style Honda turn signal. It came stock on many different vintage Honda motorcycles. Check to see what version came on your bike to be sure. Different models came with these smaller ones or sometimes the larger ones.

NOTE: Comes with 12V bulbs installed, if you have a model with a 6V system you will need to replace them with 6V bulbs.

Honda Part Numbers: 33400-436-679 (front turn signal), 33400-292-679 (front turn signal), 90154-455-670 (front stem), 33441-324-670 (front stem)

Turn Signal Dimensions:

Diameter: 74mm
Total Length: 85mm

Front Stem Dimensions:

Stem Length: 40mm
Threaded Stud Length: 30mm
Total Length: 70mm
Stem Diameter: 14mm
Threading Size: M10 (10mm x 1.25mm)

Fits Honda:

CB350K - 1968-1973
CL350K Scrambler - 1968-1973
CB500K Four - 1971-1973
CB550K Four - 1974
CB750K Four - 1969-1974