Set of 4 - Spark Plug Resistor Covers - 30700-MC8-000 - Honda CB350F/400F/500/550

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Set of 4 new spark plug resistor covers replaces NGK's now discontinued XD05F and VD05F. This one has a 102 degree bend, long style. For 12mm or 10mm thread spark plugs without the terminal nut. We recommend using non-resistor type spark plugs when using resistor caps on vintage Honda's.

Fits all Honda SOHC Fours.

  • Rubber waterproof boots to seal out the elements, so the engine won't cut out if it rains.
  • For use with 7mm diameter plug wires
  • Includes: 120 Degree x2 and 102 Degree x2

Replaces NGK Part Number: 8072, 8052
Replaces Honda Part: 30700-MC8-000

Installation tips:

Remove terminal nut before installing new spark plugs. It's screwed onto the top of the spark plug.
Put a light coating of anti-seize on the spark plug threading before installing. After all, you're threading a steel part into a aluminum engine case.
Don't over tighten the spark plug, 1/8 to 1/4 turn past finger tight.
When using the old spark plug wires, trim them back 1/4" - 1/2" to expose fresh wire, then using a pick type tool, fan out the wires before threading on the new resistor cover.
Twist on the new cover about 3 full turns and give it a tug to make sure it's snug.

We also carry spark plugs for the models below. (not included)

Installation Tip: Fan out the spark plug wires before twisting on the caps that way you make a better connection.

Fits Honda:

CB350F Four - 1972-1974
CB400F Super Sport - 1975-1977
CB500K Four - 1971-1973
CB550F Super Sport - 1975-1977
CB550K Four - 1974-1978