Brake Hose Male AN3 to Female 10mm x 1.25 Adaptor - Chrome

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Brake hose male to female adaptor. This is the adapter used to attach a stainless steel brake line directly to the front metal brake pipe on most 70's Honda's. The male side attaches to the brake line and the female side attaches to the brake pipe.

We carry various colors and lengths of stainless steel brake line as well as brake pipes.


Female Threading: 10mm x 1.25mm
Male Threading - AN3
Hex: 17.3mm
Overall Length: 37mm

Fits Honda: (Models with front disc brake)

CB350F Four - 1972-1974
CB350G Super Sport - 1973
CB360 - 1974
CB360G - 1974
CB360T - 1975-1976
CB400F Super Sport - 1975-1977
CB450K Super Sport - 1970-1974
CB500K Four - 1971-1973
CB500T Twin DOHC - 1975-1976
CB550F Super Sport- 1975-1977
CB550K Four - 1974-1978
CB750A Hondamatic - 1976-1978
CB750K Four - 1969-1978
CB750F Super Sport - 1975-1976

and many more...