Carburetor Repair Kit - Honda CB550F Super Sport

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Carburetor repair or rebuild kit for the Honda CB550F Super Sport. This kit is for 1 carburetor, so you will need 4 kits for 1 bike. This kit comes with a shaped float bowl gasket made of high quality Viton rubber so it will not swell after coming in contact with fuel. It also comes with the emulsifier tube which is usually stuck in place after a bike has been sitting for a long time. The best way to tap it out is to remove the top cover and the slide, then use a punch to gently push it out.

Sold individually. We also have set of 4 available.

NOTE: You will need to adjust your float height to match the lower float needle valve that come in this kit. The stock carburetor model number was 069A. This kit is not for the CB550K which had a different slide needle and main jet size.

Kit Includes:

Shaped Float bowl gasket
Top Cover Gasket
Float Needle Valve & Seat
D274 Needle & Clip
Air Adjustment Screw & Spring
Main Jet #98
Slow Jet #38
Emulsifier Tube

Fits Honda:

CB550F Super Sport - 1975-1977