Ultimate Tune Up Kit - Honda CB550F Super Sport

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Ultimate Tune up kit for the Honda CB550F Super Sport. This kit covers many of the worn out parts when bringing a CB550F back from a long slumber. Rather than tracking down all the miscellaneous parts for a stock CB550F, we've put it together into an ultimate kit! It comes with everything shown in the photo. If you want to go the extra mile, we've got tire and tube sets too!

NOTE: You will need to adjust your float height to match the lower float needle valve that come in this kit. The stock carburetor model number was 069A for the CB550F.

Kit Includes:

  • Oil Filter with o-rings
  • Points and Condensers - Quantity: 2 points, 2 condensers
  • NGK Spark Plugs - D7EA - Quantity: 4
  • Spark Plug Caps - Quantity: 4
  • Carburetor Rebuild Kits - Quantity: 4
  • Air Filter
  • Ignition Coils - Quantity: 2
  • Throttle Cables - Pull and Push
  • Clutch Cable

Each Carburetor Kit Includes:

  • Shaped Float bowl gasket
  • Top Cover Gasket
  • Needle Valve & Seat
  • D274 Needle & Clip
  • Air Adjustment Screw & Spring
  • Main Jet #98
  • Slow Jet #38
  • Emulsifier Tube
  • o-ring

Cable Dimensions:

  • Throttle Pull: 38 7/8" total length - 35 5/16" inner housing - 3 1/2" free play
  • Throttle Push: 38 7/8" total length - 35 7/16" inner housing - 3 5/16" free play
  • Clutch Cable: 53 1/4" total length - 49 7/16" inner housing (including threaded adjuster) - 3 1/8" free play


  • Don't lose the metal washer that sits on the spring under the oil filter. Usually it sticks to the old oil filter. If yours is already missing, we have them available here. Coat both o-rings with fresh oil before reinstalling.
  • Pick tools are handy for removing the small o-ring on the oil filter bolt, we have them available here.
  • Don't overtighten spark plugs, they only need 1/8 to 1/4 turn past finger tight. NGK plugs come pre-gapped but it's generally a good idea to check the gap.
  • Make sure the carburetors are very clean before installing new parts and don't forget to check the float height! Run fuel into the carbs before reinstalling them to make sure they don't leak.
  • Always lubricate cables prior to installation. We carry a cable lube tool and cable lubricant to make life easier.

Equivalent to OEM Honda part numbers:

Points Right - 30203-300-154, 30203-300-005 
Points Left - 30204-300-154, 30204-300-005 
Condenser - 30250-300-005, 30250-300-154

Oil Filter: 15412-300-024, 15410-422-000, 15410-426-000, 15410-426-010
Spark plug: 98069-57717

Fits Honda:

CB550F Super Sport - 1975-1977