Genuine Honda - Clutch Spring - 22401-292-000 - CB450K CL450K

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Genuine Honda clutch spring for the CB/CL450 twin. If you're replacing your friction plates or steel plates, you might as well replace the springs while you're in there. Measure your existing ones to see if they're out of spec. If you've made all the external adjustments and your clutch still won't engage/disengage properly your springs might be worn out. Sold Individually. 4 are needed per bike

Length: 40.7mm
Width: 20.5mm

Note: This clutch spring will not work on the early model CB450 clutch with 6 springs, it only works on the 4 spring clutch that Honda started using part way through 1968. Check the VIN number range listed below.

Honda OEM Part Number: 22401-292-000

Sold individually. 4 are necessary per bike.

Fits Honda:

CB450K - 1968 - VIN# CB450-3000001 TO CB450-3008955
CB450K - 1969-1974 (only works on the 4 spring clutch, not the early 6 spring clutch)
CL450K - 1968-1974